USAVE Code of Practice

The objective of this Code is to protect our Business Customers when purchasing energy contracts. To help with this, we have developed four USAVE principles to ensure that business energy contracts presented to our customers are conducted in a fair, honest, and transparent way.

Principle 1

Before proceeding with our Energy Consultancy Service, USAVE consultants will introduce themselves and provide every customer with a copy of the USAVE Terms of Service. This is an important document which outlines our services and sets out how the company is paid for the services that it provides to its customers. We will request from you a Letter of Authority which will allow us to approach your present supplier or suppliers for information about your energy usage. We will only proceed on your written and signed authority to do so. In addition, we will ask you a set of questions in order to determine if your business is a micro business and we will explain to you why we need to establish the businesses status.

Principle 2

During the advisory process, all of our new business customers can expect to receive from USAVE accurate and complete information in order to help them make an informed decision. A general discussion around guiding your company to Net Zero 2030 will take place and how USAVE can assist you the customer in this area. USAVE promises that our sales practices are fair, transparent, and appropriate for all of our customers. This includes making the customer aware of how much of the market was searched to obtain the offers presented to them.

Principle 3

Before finalising contracts, USAVE Energy Consultants will check that our customers understand all the information that they have been given including how USAVE is paid and that they are happy to proceed to concluding contracts with the supplier. Customers will also be reminded that by signing energy contracts that they are entering a legally binding contract with the supplier.

Principle 4

Before sending completed contacts to suppliers for processing, our new business administration team will check all new contracts for inaccuracies, check that the contracts are signed and dated and that the agreed new contracted energy rates match the rates that have been agreed with the customer. How we deal with securing customer data is covered within the company's Privacy Statement which can be found under services in the company's website. As we value our customers feedback and wish to ensure the smooth running of their account, we have a complaints procedure in place. It provides a structured approach to handle complaints and ensures USAVE is consistent in servicing customers who have reason to complain. It allows us to measure our performance in dealing with complaints from customers and the regulator. We can also measure the satisfaction of customers once the issue has been resolved