USAVE Code of Practice

The objective of this Code is to protect our Business Customers when purchasing energy products. To help with this, we have developed four USAVE principles to ensure that Business Energy products presented to our customers are conducted in a fair, honest and transparent way; These principles are:

Principle 1: Accurate and complete contracts

Principle 2: Confirmation that contracts and charges are understood by our customers.

Principle 3: Ensure that information is presented in a full and professional manner.

Principle 4: Our advice will meet with our customer’s needs.

Under each principle we have identified the standards that customers can expect from USAVE.

Principle 1

Accurate and complete contracts

During the sales process, all of our new Business Customers can expect to receive from USAVE accurate and complete information to help them make an informed decision.

USAVE sets high standards and expects our Energy Consultants to provide information to our customers which is both accurate and honest.

Our trained team will check all new contracts for inaccuracies, check that the contracts are signed and dated and that the agreed new contracted energy rates match the rates that have been agreed.

Principle 2 & 3

Information is presented in a full and professional manner.

During the advisory process, our Business Customers can expect to be treated in a way that is fair, honest, transparent, appropriate and professional. USAVE expects its Energy Consultants to behave and act in a way that is honest fair and professional at all times.

USAVE promises that our sales practices are fair, transparent and appropriate for the customer. This includes making the customer aware of how much of the market was searched to obtain the offers proposed to them.

On first introduction, and before presenting any marketing material to our customers, our Energy Consultants will identify themselves, state which company that they represent and obtain the customer’s consent before the energy advisory conversation begins. In addition, our customers will be provided with a Terms of Service our Code of Practice and a USAVE Letter of Introduction which explains our services.

Responding to customers questions and requests

USAVE will endeavour to answer our customer’s questions with accurate and complete responses. In addition, we will respect our customer’s wishes, including ceasing the current contact if the customer requests this to happen.

USAVE will endeavour to provide our customers with accurate and complete information, including not making unsubstantiated claims and including correcting any customer misunderstanding.

The cost of our services

Before proceeding with our Energy Consultancy Service, USAVE will provide every customer with a copy our Terms of Service. This is an important document which outlines our services to the customer and sets out how USAVE is paid by the supplier for the services that it provides to its customers. In addition USAVE offer a fee based consultancy details of which can be provided on request.


USAVE will make every effort in ensuring that our staff are appropriately trained for dealing with customers and that all members of our team act in a professional manner in line with these principles.

During the advisory process, all new Business Energy Customers can expect to fully understand the contract or contracts that they are entering into.

USAVE will ensure that our customer understands that they are entering into a legally binding contract with the supplier and that the person signing the contract has the authority to do so.

Before finalising contracts, USAVE Energy Consultants will check that our customer understands all the information they have been given and that they are happy to proceed.

Principle 4

Meeting Our Customer Needs

During the sales process, our Business Customers can expect to be offered products or services that are appropriate for their individual and business requirements. Only those products or services that are appropriate for the customer will be discussed.

On completion of contracts, and once accepted by the supplier, our customers will receive a written “Reason Why" email. Reference will be made to our Terms of Service which we recommend our customers read and agree before conclusion of contracts. The wording of the email details what research has been carried out by USAVE in order to advise our customers on alternative providers products and costs. In addition, we will inform our customers that by signing Utility Contracts with a supplier they have entered a legally binding contract, and as such, are subject to the Terms & Conditions of such contract.

Customer Data

How we deal with customer data is covered within our Terms of Service document


USAVE will go about identifying, recording, investigating, and reporting complaints fully in line with our complaints handling policy a copy of which can be requested if required. We will review the reasons for all identified mistakes and act quickly to put things right and redress the customer where appropriate when a mistake has been made.


USAVE will negotiate and agree energy supply contracts on behalf of all of their Business Customers, the company will take all reasonable steps to interpret and apply the contents of our Code of Conduct in a manner consistent with the objective and above principles. The Compliance Manager within USAVE operates separately to our advisory team and it is the Compliance Managers responsibility to carry out internal monitoring of all new business to ensure that the principles are being consistently complied with.