Does USAVE service the whole of the UK ?

Yes, USAVE can service all parts of the United Kingdom

Does USAVE advise on whole of market suppliers ?

No, USAVE do not use the whole of market suppliers. We work with a large panel of trusted suppliers who ensure that we are always achieving competitive rates.

Is USAVE aligned to any particular suppliers ?

No, USAVE have no special arrangements with any energy supplier.

Is USAVE a member of the Energy Ombudsman ADR Scheme ? 

Yes, USAVE is a member of the Energy Ombudsman Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme (Reg No. C35USAVO1) USAVE is a self-regulating Energy Consultancy with a dedicated Compliance Department. In addition, USAVE complies with the RECCO Code of Conduct to ensure total transparency for our clients at all times. 

How are USAVE paid for their services ?

Our fee is typically included in the rate that we secure with the energy supplier, an example of this would be 0.5p /kwh that would be added to the customers base rate and paid directly to USAVE by the supplier. In addition, an uplift in the standing charge or a combination of both for the duration of the energy supply contract. USAVE also offers a fixed fee model, this is where USAVE is paid directly by the client