USAVE UTILITY CONTRACTS are a UK-wide Business Energy Consultancy and Procurement Specialist . We aim to create and build solid long term professional relationships with all of our new and existing customers. Our new business team are highly skilled negotiators which ultimately benefits all of our customers. We take environmental issues very seriously and with this in mind, we will endeavour to deliver energy cost saving innovation whenever we can

Our highly skilled team has over fifteen years of experience in simplifying utilities - whether it be by reducing utility costs, through the streamlining of processes or by assisting with dispute resolution with suppliers. We pride ourselves in offering all of our clients the very best of advice, customer service and care

We have excellent relationships with all of the major utility suppliers in the United Kingdom and therefore we have the purchasing power to secure market leading rates for all of our new and existing customers.

About us

At USAVE we look after the energy needs of companies of all sizes who operate in many different sectors. In addition to us securing competitive energy pricing, we also advise our customers on green energy efficiency by implementing strategies and measures in order to help make their businesses more energy efficient.

Each member of our team is highly experienced skilled and knowledgeable in the areas in which they specialise. There is however one common vision that we all share together and that is to provide all of our new and existing customers with the very best of advice, customer care and service.

Our services

Most Companies are always on the lookout to reduce operational costs and with Gas, Water and Electricity costs increasing year-on-year, there is a much greater need for companies to secure competitive utility pricing over the medium to long-term.

USAVE Energy Consultants have helped hundreds of businesses to save on their utility costs and we are confident that we can provide utility prices that are often lower than those offered by your company's existing supplier. Our new business team are highly skilled negotiators which ultimately benefits all our new and existing customers.

Wholesale energy prices are continually rising adding significant running costs to businesses across the UK. We at USAVE pro-actively monitor the live daily market rates allowing us to advise on the perfect times to arrange utility deals which ultimately presents long-term savings for all of our customers.

Furthermore, installing a new Water, Gas or Electricity meter or organising disconnections and re-connections can be very time consuming and at times very complicated and stressful for business owners and Financial Controllers to deal with. Larger type installations require a disciplined, professional and effective approach. At USAVE we have the expertise within our organisation to help assist all of our clients deal with any meter installations or meter related problems.

Our Utility Management Team can also help to protect your business from unexpected future utility wholesale price rises. Such increases can have a significant financial impact on business operating costs. At USAVE we will do everything within our power to negate such increases thus improving the profitability of our customers business

The USAVE BILL VALIDATION SERVICE is normally offered to our multi site customers and ensures that your business is only billed for the energy that it uses, at the rates that have been agreed with the supplier. Mistakes are often made through estimated billing and incorrect contract charges which means many businesses overpay by considerable amounts each year. Monitoring invoices in-house can be a time-consuming and a costly activity and this is where USAVE’s Energy Bill Validation Service can help. Our USAVE Energy’s Bill Validation Team will highlight discrepancies by reviewing and recalculating each component of the invoice. Check to see If it matches contract rates and consumption with invoice details. Our skilled Key Account Assistants will not only validate your invoices but highlight usage, which is higher or lower than expected, informs where meter reads are required for accurate billing and details where sites have been invoiced for incorrect periods. Our appointed Key Account Assistants will on your behalf deal directly with suppliers to resolve incorrect invoicing, providing you with a full report and peace of mind that your business is paying only for the commodities that are used.

Our Terms of Service sets out our charges and payment structure and is issued to all new USAVE customers prior to USAVE carrying out any work on behalf of our customers.

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